"All children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to the benefit of a better world."
-The UNICEF Website

When we as a group decided to revive this old band material, the underlying idea was that this would be a work of charity. When we look back at it, Some People's Children to us was built on the idealism of our youth. 30 years have gone by since then. We are all older, wiser and wider perhaps, but we still all have this inner child that believes in the better angels of humanity.

This project has a lot of nostalgia in it for us, and one of the practices we employed in the re-envisioning of this was to deliberately time-travel when re-creating the content. Always asking ourselves, "What would we have done in 1988? What was important to us?"

We were the Live-Aid generation. We were always looking laterally at the world around us, embracing ideas of empowerment and fairness. We considered ourselves worldly and certainly we were, in our make-up, a very international group of people. So it was really a no-brainier to decide on UNICEF as our charity of choice.

We are Some People's CHILDREN after all.


The United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund, or UNICEF, was formed in 1946 originally to help children in war-torn Europe, China and the Middle East. Today, the organization helps children in over 190 countries by keeping them protected, healthy and educated.

We could re-write all of UNICEF's goals and missions here. but they do a better job of that themselves. Here are some links to visit to find out more about this organization including how to contribute both your time and donations. We encourage you to do so.


Every single cent of profit generated by the release of Some People's Children's "THIS IS A TEST!" EP, in all formats including digital, is going directly to UNICEF. In addition, all of our profits from T-Shirt sales and any other merchandise will also go directly to UNICEF.The only costs being recouped are the costs of the physical goods themselves, i.e., the costs of manufacturing the limited-edition cassettes, download cards and other merchandise. All of the creative efforts, including the music, artwork, web design, social media content, posts, coy writing and even the creation of this very page is a product of donated time and effort.

In other words, no B.S. - Your money is going to UNICEF and we're not using it for beer.


At this point, this is a cottage-based charitable exercise. There is no formal foundation that will disperse charitable donations. Not yet, anyway. However, we will make every effort to disclose the monies dispersed, publicly in this space, with quarterly updates as warranted. If we find this idea has a larger impact than we anticipate, we will move forward with formal steps to make this idea into a lasting charitable foundation.

Which would be a fantastic problem to have!